A Handmade Christmas

A Handmade Christmas

Tessa Hawkes

I have decided to have a handmade Christmas to help the environment. I’m making my own gifts, decorations and cards because Lockdown periods have given me lots of extra time in the house and whilst clearing rooms I have found materials that I can use to make things myself.

I am using some old wool that I found to make pom-pom garlands and tree decorations, some recycled card to make relief printed Christmas cards and a roll of canvas to gift people hand stitched embroidery art. When I have needed something, where possible, I have shopped second hand or from small local businesses.

I decided that I needed to make a change at the start of the last Lockdown period, when we all started noticing the impact that fewer cars on the roads would have on the environment in the long-term. I wanted to reduce the carbon emissions on everything that I gifted this year. Having a handmade Christmas helps me to be productive and I like knowing that I am making a difference with the extra time I have at home. Even though we can’t see family and friends at the moment, it feels like I am doing something positive for them.

With the High Street shops not being open during the second Lockdown, I have realised that I’m not shopping for gifts and plastic decorations for the sake of it, I’m much more conscious of what I’m buying and what the effects are on the environment. I have looked around my house and found almost everything I have needed- you just have to think a bit creatively!

We can learn from this pandemic that we can all get by with less and are capable of doing more.