A Hotel for Bees or Bugs

A hotel for bees or bugs

A hotel for bees or bugs

A simple bug or bee hotel can really encourage and support biodiversity in your garden by attracting various insects. A bug house helps to grow the ecosystem around it because it gives a place for bugs or bees naturally visit! Gardens can really benefit from placing a bug house amongst the plants to encourage biodiversity and less need for pesticides.

Making a bee/ or bug house is a lot of fun – try it!

Things you can use:

  • twigs
  • leaves
  • corrugated cardboard
  • small pots
  • toilet paper rolls
  • wood chips
  • rolled up paper
  • pieces of bark
  • hollowed out branches, reads, or logs

Decide on your outside frame first, this could be a plant pot or an old bird box or wooden draw, or maybe a biscuit tin. Then enjoy organising your materials inside the container (put it on its side) until you are happy with the look of it.

Place your new bee/bug hotel somewhere in the shade in your garden – maybe near a hollowed-out log or by the fence.