Ackworth Community Hub

Ackworth Community Hub

Ackworth Parish Council, Ackworth Churches, and Ackworth School (Ackworth Covid-19 Response)

Our Covid-19 response was formed by the Parish Council, Ackworth School, This is Ackworth and Ackworth Churches Together. Together, we developed a scheme to provide help to those who may have a need in our community. The support throughout Ackworth really has been a community response. Ackworth Parish Council organised a leaflet drop, asking for Volunteers and giving information on where to find help.

We currently have around 80 but at one point had over 100 volunteers helping the community. Ackworth School has been acting as the first response. Residents are matched with volunteers from, which are managed by the Churches for safeguarding. We have been assisting with everything, but have largely found it to be a shopping, prescription and telephone-befriending service. A local foodbank was set up, Ackworth school donated vegetables, local bakeries and supermarkets have also been donating. Local shops have been delivering food to residents. It has created a whole network of support throughout Ackworth, everyone has pulled together.

One of the things we are proud of is that we met on a Monday, and the scheme was up and running, receiving its first request for help on Friday the same week.  Also, the number of people who volunteered their services is fantastic. The Ackworth community pulling together to support each other. We identified the need and worked out how to provide the most effective service.

We knew what help people needed as we continued to ask residents how we could help them. This began by sending out leaflets and during telephone calls, volunteers always ask what support people need. In the beginning, the Pharmacists were overwhelmed, they were so thankful to receive the help from the volunteer service. The co-ordinators and all volunteers have provided a vital service to the town.

We intend to continue to support the community in this manner for as long as we can. We are continuing the work now, as it is still needed. Especially for prescriptions, lots of vulnerable residents are afraid to go out. We are continuing to support people over the phone, even if its just to cheer them up and say hello. Churches Together want to plan a community get-together for local Ackworth residents when it is safe and allowed to do so- to celebrate the community response. As things change, we are reviewing what we do and will adapt as needed.  But the scheme will be in place for as long as it is needed.

Catherine Andrews
Paul Fox