Ackworth Rocks Covid Snake

Ackworth Rocks Covid Snake

Karen Bennett

I started Ackworth Rocks Facebook group over two years ago where children in the village had to paint and hide rocks, then once found post a picture on the group. They then re-hid them for others to find. Once Covid arrived I was concerned about transferring the virus and kept reminding them on the group to leave the rocks where they found them etc.

A group member told me about a snake she had seen on the internet and I said I would investigate!

I made a snake and asked two children (that I used to childmind for) to put him where they thought he should live; they chose Dando way which is a popular path through Ackworth- near Bell lane car park.

I never expected what happened though! The snake became extremely popular very quickly, growing in size and was visited by all age groups. The snake gave the families of Ackworth something to do, somewhere to walk to and something positive to remember in the future.

I am very proud of our village and how people came together to support others during a very difficult and worrying time. I was thrilled that Wakefield Council agreed to make the snake a permanent feature that tells its own story of our difficult times. Our children are choosing a name for the snake and then I will have a plaque made for it, he /she is a bright and beautiful piece of art and our history!