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Community Crafters

Wendy Farrar

Wakefield Community Crafters is a not for profit group where members make things that are donated to charity. A lot of our members are busy during Covid-19 making things and being creative.

One of my favourites are the scrubs bears as they are a way to say thank you to the NHS staff.
I also love the hearts where one of the hearts goes to a Covid-19 patient and the matching one goes to the family. If the patient passes away, the hearts are reunited. It makes the patient and the family feel close

Most items have been sent to Pinderfields Hospital where they then distribute between themselves, Dewsbury hospital and Pontefract hospital. We have also been providing items to local care homes, care workers, schools and Arriva bus drivers.

It gives a lot of members something to do. They love knitting, crocheting crafting etc and making items for charity gives them a purpose and makes them feel like they are being helpful.A lot of people love being part of a group too as its giving them social interactions with like minded people.

I do it because I absolutely love helping any cause.

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The Recycle Yard Ltd recycles waste from the local area that can be reused for arts, crafts and play. We support local schools, nurseries, community groups, charity groups etc by supplying them with low cost materials or through donations.

Wakefield Community Crafters

A friendly group for knitters/crocheters and crafters to help make items for the Wakefield community.

Made by Sandra Keighley

Made by Sandra Keighley

Made by Sandy Greenham

Made by Sandy Greenham