Compost Corner

Compost Corner


Just before Lockdown was announced, I bought some books to keep me occupied at home, one was about composting; I was fascinated and started studying it really intensely. I thought it would be a great idea to start a compost heap in the corner of our garden. I have children and decided that it would be a great project to get them involved in the process of nature’s lifecycles and help to teach them about waste reduction. We studied what we could put in it and started composting all the waste we could! Prior to Covid-19, the garden waste was taken away, but due to Lockdown restrictions it couldn’t be taken so we decided to layer it all on our new compost heap!

It’s really rewarding to see the finished product. We started with a patch of garden that we had cleared, and we now have a small hill of compost! The children learnt that with a little bit of effort and persistence, our waste can become a valuable resource. It didn’t take that long to start seeing nature take effect on our compost pile. The microbes in the compost create heat, so we started science experiments like wrapping eggs in foil and placing them inside the heap to see if they would cook. The children have really enjoyed learning about the science of it all and it is something that we will continue to do and teach others to do. We have even grown some cress seeds in the compost soil that we have made ourselves!

I’ve always been very committed to the environment and striving to be as carbon neutral as possible. The Coronavirus pandemic has really enhanced this part of me. Everyone’s general awareness of the planet has increased with the constant streams of news. Through making a compost corner I have learnt that soil is a living thing and is, essentially the source of life. We need to give it more credit and learn about it more! The richer and more nutritious our soil is, the better our food is. Human health starts with soil.

I think we can learn that the balance of nature is more delicate than we realised. One thing can be the tipping point and trigger the world to a halt: whether that be a pandemic or an ecological disaster. We need to slow down and look at what we are doing, we are one closed system. Everything is such a delicate balance and I think that everyone needs to chip in, I can see people have become more ‘aware’ throughout this pandemic. We still don’t know the lasting effects that Covid-19 will have, it could be years to a new normal. Lots of people have turned away from nature but we need to be more accountable and re-connect with nature again. This starts with our waste!

Compost corner