Cooking for the Community

Cooking for the Community

Karen Wright

I saw a Facebook post from a guy on a community group saying he had just cooked up a load of stew and had delivered to some people he knew were isolating. This was linked to the food bank and food parcels already set up by Calder Grove cricket club. It occurred to me that perhaps I could batch bake to add to the meals. I started single handily and was baking 3 times a week for 60 portions each time. More people got on board and we were able to have a baker’s group which I now Coordinate.

We have a cooking group, baking group, shopping group, errands group and so on. Sometimes cooking and baking blur for example one meal the bakers will make next week is quiche. My motivation is mixed, one to be able to help and give but on a personal level it keeps me focused and busy every day. I am also learning more about me and how much more I can do now. It is also wonderful to pass on some skills. For example, I have taught the bakers how to make Chelsea buns by video for the meals, they are all thrilled with their success. I also like how even children can help, I sent out 100 mini cupcakes I made for them to decorate as part of today's VE day effort. It was my suggestion to do a VE day box as a treat in these difficult days.

I have always loved feeding people, I dreamt of owning a cafe. I am known in my family for my buffets at parties. It is a cultural thing throughout the world, sharing bread together. It is a warm and wonderful thing to celebrate with food.

It is just heart-warming how communities are supporting each other. It is making us all reflect on a simpler life and what is the most important things in life. People are the most fantastic resource we have just now, and I felt that my little amount of influence with my followers should bang home the stay ‘safe stay at home’ message and to live each day for itself.