Crevice Garden

Crevice Garden

Queen's Mill Castleford

This year we have had more opportunity than ever to connect with nature during the countries lock down.

But for one small corner of Queen's Mill, nature has been quietly carrying on, and even without the care of volunteers this year our Crevice garden has looked wonderful. The sedums and succulents thrive in all conditions, they didn’t need watering through the heat of spring and summer and will be as healthy through the winter.

The Crevice garden was the inspiration of John Parker who nurtured seedlings at home before planting out in the summer of 2019. This type of planting takes advantage of the spaces between slate found on pit out crops (slag heaps) and railway embankments.

This environment has been replicated in our coal wagon and the plants have thrived. The pale green plants in the middle are aptly named Dusty Miller and by the wall at the right hand side, is Creeping Thyme.

The mine car is from Kellingley Colliery and was donated by Harworth plc. who were developing the site. The soil and hard-core are from John's drive when it was redone.

The rails that the wagon sits on are from the National Mining Museum and the paintwork was done by our local famous artist Harry Malkin.

Life and growing continue and come spring, we would like to see more bulbs in our raised beds - so volunteers watch out for requests to be involved.