Eastmoor Community Project

Eastmoor Community Project

Eastmoor Community Project have completely converted our business into a Community Hub.

We have relied on support with food parcels and grants for food and such since March. The Hub has been providing all aspects of assistance to members of the community- particularly the old and vulnerable. We largely help with shopping and newspaper deliveries, collecting and delivering medication, telephone befriending and delivering hot meals made in our café.

We even did a Fish and Chip shop run and cleared a garden so that children could play outside! The thing that I am most proud of is my team. They have converted from their normal jobs and thrown themselves at everything. Most of them are local to the District and so, it really has been beneficial to the community. I am incredibly proud of the community response. The volunteers have all been amazing and have all taken risks, with appropriate safety measures in place.

We know what help people need through referrals and the community asking for help. We get referrals from a range of different sources including GP’s, neighbours, Live Well Wakefield and other partnerships. NOVA have been incredibly supportive to Eastmoor Community Project throughout Covid-19 and Lockdown.

We have always delivered community development at the centre. We intend to build on what we have learnt throughout the coronavirus pandemic by being out there more. Having that presence brings people that need you and really value the services that you provide. We have provided assistance to lots of people in the community that we haven’t worked with before and gaining that further reach has been amazing.

Chris Bann