Growing my own

Growing my own

Evie Godfrey

I decided to start growing my own vegetables during Lockdown. I did this because I thought it would be a good idea to become more self-sustaining, reduce demand for the use of pesticides and take some pressure off the supply chain etc. I found it quite scary when I went into the local supermarket in March and there was no fresh fruit or vegetables left due to panic-buying, as I’m vegetarian, these are staples in my diet.

Spending more time at home has meant that I have been able grow all sorts of vegetables from seeds, seedlings and cut off’s. It has been really rewarding watching them grow and eating things that I know are fresh and pesticide free. I started growing pea shoots from single peas and letting garlic cloves sprout- they grow quickly when propagated, so I’ve been enjoying them for weeks!

I have always tried to have a minimal waste home and buy organic/ local produce where possible, however seeing all the positive stories on the news of how the world seemed to be healing itself whilst humans were in Lockdown, made me realise that we all have to be more active in helping the environment- everyone can always do more.

I think we can learn from this period in time that we can change what we didn’t think we could before. We know that the world is at crisis point with environmental problems, yet consumerist-lifestyles were still paramount to most people; hopefully this pandemic will have taught the masses to make small changes which will bring about a big change as a collective. We have all had to adapt to a new way of living during the pandemic, which has given us a chance to take a step back and see how much damage we do to the planet on a regular basis. Doing little things like growing some vegetables at home, may stop a few extra trips to the supermarket, the use of pesticides and the reduction of plastic waste.