Help Wakey Hedgehogs

Wakey Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs are struggling

Their numbers have fallen below one million in the UK – down by 30% in just over ten years. Hedgehogs roam between 1-2km each night during their active season. It’s therefore critical that they can access a wide range of gardens safely.


Make a 5” x 5” hole in a fence or wall in between gardens will help a hedgehog move around freely.

Although hedgehogs can swim, if they get into a garden pond, they need to get out, use stones or wood to make a simple ramp for your pond.

Create a wild corner in your garden with branches, logs, and vegetation, or build a hedgehog house, this may encourage hedgehogs to nest, but be careful not to disturb the area during the winter when they are hibernating.

Avoid using chemicals including slug pellets in your garden as they kill the insects the hedgehog needs to live.

If you have a visiting hedgehog you can leave it a tray of dog or cat food and fresh water. NEVER leave milk as its poisonous to hedgehogs and will kill them.

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