Home Made Oat Milk

Home Made Oat Milk

Sye Ashton

I decided to ditch dairy during Lockdown. It all started when we ran out of milk and I whimsically googled milk alternatives that you may have around the house. I came across an easy tutorial on how to make your own oat milk and I was converted.

I started researching the health benefits of oat milk and along with the tonnes of information I found about how good it is for you, I also learnt how much better it is for the environment! The recipe that I follow only uses a cup of oats, water and some honey which is optional, this means that I’m not nipping to the shop all the time when I’m running out of milk- as one bag of oats will make litres of oat milk. I strain it through a muslin cloth, but I think you can also use fine strainers.

I have found it rewarding knowing that I’m moving more towards a sustainable, plant-based diet. You read about how much better a plant-based diet is for the human body and the environment, but it always seemed like a lot of work and expensive. Now, I’m educating myself on small changes that I can make and finding out that it isn’t as hard as I thought.

My views on protecting the environment definitely heightened when I started reading about the dairy industry and alternatives, you kind of make yourself blind to it, because its just normal. I know that this is bad and that attitudes to these things must change. But I started small and intend to keep making more healthy swaps in order to have a more sustainable diet.

Through the coronavirus pandemic, I think we can all learn that we need to protect the planet. We need to start learning about the abundance of plant-based nutrients that we have available to us and educate on animal-free proteins. We need to take more direct action and admit that we must all make some small swaps to help with climate change.