Importance of Online Groups

Importance of Online Groups

Adele Sweeney

There is plenty of research to show that creativity is good for you, and in times like these we need to keep our wellbeing front and centre more than ever.

Crafting4Good have always had online interaction, but this time it was important to us that we got people involved right from the start, so that we could keep in touch with our customers and volunteers, that's what inspires me at the moment, people trying new things and keeping their sense of wonder alive through creativity, blending art, crafts, poetry and nature.

People are trying out new things they haven't had chance to before e.g. crochet, photography, artmaking in different ways, digital art (loving my iPad pencil!!!) and embroidery (me). People like things that are repetitive, getting you into a relaxed state of mind because it's that flow state that brings the 'getting away from it all'.

I tried embroidery after wanting to do it for years. I enjoy the sight, sound, and feel of the threads going through the fabric and laying down in their stitches, all the glorious colours making up a final piece. I also like watching people stitch on YouTube...I even find that relaxing.

Being part of the group to keep in touch is really important for some of us, especially the twice-weekly online sessions we've been holding because you get to see people 'face to face' or at least talk rather than type. One lady told us she hadn't spoken to anyone in days when we first started it.

I'll tell you one thing though; many are saying how they have finally found time to do things they enjoy, and they don't want to go back to 'normal' when lockdown ends. Let’s hope we can keep ourselves creative and not slide back into rushing, stress, and no time for nurturing our creative selves.

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