Kellingley Club and Community Hub

Kellingley Club and Community Hub

Since the beginning of lockdown, the local response has been fantastic. The whole town have supported us. We have been providing assistance to anyone and everyone who needs it. We started a community doorstep challenge; where locals leave a can of food on their doorstep and we collect it.

A couple of streets down and we have had two full shopping trolleys, it has been a phenomenal success. We have worked closely with local people to find out exactly what support they have needed during this time. This includes delivering food parcels and shopping, checking in on people, be-friending and so on. We’ve delivered toys to small children that don’t have much, helped out with toiletry products etc that people were struggling to afford, checked in with local pensioners and just provided people with someone to chat to and some support. I go live on Facebook and communicate with locals to keep working on the community bond. We have a lot to teach local kids about their town and how to respect it, teaching them about littering and respecting elders. I’m really passionate about respect and the community. We’ve recently set up a library which now has over 5,000 books in it.

I’m most proud of being able to help and try to bring the community bond back into the town. I’m proud of the community response. I’ve been out there delivering and such, but it really is the local support that has enabled us to do this. It’s so easy to be negative during a time like this, but I took it upon myself to fight this.

We’re a well followed club in the community and are popular round town. I reached out and said whatever help you need, just call us. Visiting people got the word out about our support really quickly, by word of mouth. Finding out exactly what help the community needed has made such a big difference to the lives of those that have been struggling. We found the people that really needed support and provided it, I have so many heart-warming stories and have made friendships and bonds throughout the community that we would ordinarily make, just by spending time to get to know them and what they need. We’ve had an amazingly supportive team and lots of people wanted to help.

We’ve learnt that we need to keep going and that this is a really valuable service to provide. We need to keep the food going out and reach out more. We’ve had lots of backing from Yvette Cooper and plan to start working closer with school leavers in the future. We plan to help older people in the community out more, with their gardens etc. Lots of older people are frightened and often lonely. We will continue to work with local kids to educate them on the community, to support them with coming to the club. We plan on starting a community youth project to help with all this at the centre. We have lots of ideas for the future and plan to really push this to create something unique but also, maintain the local history. The grandchildren of local miners still use the club, this will help build new futures. We plan to open picnic areas and provide basket meals and give the kids books from the library- I know how important reading and books are in life, I want to help make a difference with this. I’ve seen first-hand that we have the ability to make a lot of change in the area with the community, but it is a massive project.

Paul Green


Second Lockdown Response

Kellingley Community Hub are still running our community food hub providing food, seven days a week if needed. I have been out on a delivery this morning and got a message at 3:00am to say they had no food left!

We have also been helping Brotherton Clothing Bank with donations and the Burns Club.

We managed to raise £600 pounds for the Royal British Legion and £1,500 pounds for the Prince of Wales hospital.

Our community book club is doing well with thousands of books being donated which we now donate to some of our local schools.

We are also planting pansies around town to add a bit of colour and marching on with our litter picking.

Paul Green