Kidz Aware

Kidz Aware

We are currently supporting 63  families with a disabled child or adult. We support with food, clothing and toy parcels.

This is due to the coronavirus pandemic and the fact that most families have not been able to continue their normal day-to-day lives; accessing childcare, they have lost their jobs or are furloughed. This is causing massive issues as they have had to apply for Universal credit and there is around an eight week wait  for this support and housing benefit which as meant that some families have had to take out a discretionary grant which then puts them in debt. They are struggling to pay their bills, access food and clothing etc, henceforth we are making deliveries to families. We are also providing support to families over the phone; helping to fill out forms and such, making referrals and helping with education.

I am most proud of the fact that we have been able to provide some form of support to all of the families that have been in contact with Kidz Aware. We are addressing their needs and concerns.

We know what help people need, that we can respond to, because we have been supporting families locally and have gained their trust. We ensure that their needs and concerns are supported and heard.

We have used what we have learnt during Covid-19 to ensure that families will be able to access support more easily. So many families have really struggled due to Covid.

Gillian Archbold