Kitchen Roll

Kitchen Roll


Kitchen roll is mainly made of paper and most widely used brands are biodegradable.

However, due to the fact that it is usually packaged in plastic and used to mop up spillages and for cleaning purposes etc, it is a very disposable product and not on the eco-friendly scale.

Most local councils advise that used kitchen roll should go in rubbish bins, however the inner cardboard roll recyclable. There are many eco-friendly alternatives to kitchen roll. Making small changes and swaps like this, can amount to a large change as a collective- a reduction in the demand to cut down trees and pollution from large-scale factories.

Packs of kitchen roll in Supermarkets range from £1-£5. If you take the cheapest pack and buy one a week, this works out at £52.00 a year, just on kitchen roll! Although kitchen roll seemingly has many uses; there are also many planet-friendly alternatives. For wrapping food, beeswax wraps are a great alternative and you can even have a go at making your own.

Good housekeeping have an in-depth tutorial on how to make them from scratch here.

An eco-alternative to use around the kitchen is bamboo towels. Made from sustainable and organic bamboo sources, the towels are strong, absorbent and re-usable; a pack of 20 gives around 1700 uses. There is a rise in the production of sustainable, re-usable and affordable products such as cellulose sponge cleaning cloths. Another cleaning alternative are inexpensive micro-fibre cloths or dish cloths, available from most Supermarkets and household stores, these can be re-used and washed many times. These alternatives also give the added value of cutting down on plastic packaging waste.

In an effort to keep in-line with the four R’s, there are many ways to recycle and re-use old items that you may have lying around your home, for example; cutting old material into cleaning rags or for more craft-savvy; knitting/ crocheting old clothes into cloths. There are tonnes of tutorials on sites such as Pinterest, the possibilities are endless!

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