Litter Pick

Litter Pick

Lewis Parkinson

I have not been at school for the last couple of months because of Covid-19 so I have been going on lots of walks with my family.  When I was out on my walks, I noticed that there was a lot of litter around, so I decided to do a litter pick.  I spent over 2 hours collecting litter from Ferry Lane to Lime Pit Lane in my local village of Stanley and collected 2 big bags of litter!

I felt proud that I had cleaned up even just a small part of my village.  Litter is bad for the environment because animals can get trapped in the litter.  It can also pollute our water which means we can't drink it.  If there is litter in our water, animals that live in the water might die by choking on the litter or by being poisoned.  I found it very rewarding that I had cleared up litter so that the wildlife didn't get hurt.  I also found it rewarding that my village looked cleaner because litter is not very nice to look at.  

I have always enjoyed spending time outside and looking after the environment but because of the Coronavirus pandemic, I have had more time to enjoy being outside.  I have noticed more litter when I have been out walking so this has made me feel it is important to tell people that they must take their litter home or put it in a bin rather than on the floor.

Because people have had to stay at home, I think they should enjoy being in the outdoors much more.  I noticed lots more people walking and using their bikes.  It is important that we look after the world around us so that we can really enjoy our time when we are outside.