Make a Bird Feeder

Make a bird feeder


Bring nature to your doorstep by keeping wild birds fed with a home-made bird feeder. A feeder can be great fun in getting to know different bird species and watching how they behave.

You’ll need:

  • A recycled clean plastic bottle (clean with boiling water)
  • Two sticks wider than the bottle to use as perches
  • A pin
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Bird seed
  1. Remove the cap from a clean plastic bottle. Use the pin to puncture several small drainage holes in the base of the bottle.
  2. Use the pin to make two level holes on opposite sides of the bottle, near to the base. Use the scissors to widen them slightly.
  3. Push a stick through the holes. There should be around 5 centimetres of stick left outside the bottle on each side for the perches.
  4. Slightly above each perch, use the scissors to cut a feeding hole the size of a 5p coin.
  5. Use the pin to make two holes in the neck of the bottle, on opposite sides and level with each other. Widen these with scissors.
  6. Thread the string through the holes, then fill the bottle with a bird food and replace the bottle cap. You may need to make a funnel with a sheet of paper to make filling the bottle easier.
  7. Find a sheltered location outside to hang your feeder watch from a distance or indoors for birds to begin landing on your feeder. It may take a few days before this begins to happen.

Warning: just make sure there are no sharp bits of plastic by the holes.