Making Mask Extenders

Making Mask Extenders

Anne Mather Thorley

I started making mask extenders because I wanted to help in some way, I know it doesn’t save lives, but they can make people who are wearing a mask feel a little more comfortable.

I looked on YouTube how to make them, then I joined a group on Facebook that told me all the stuff I needed to do to make it safe for the people that would be receiving them.

The best thing about doing them is I am helping people be more comfortable, so they can get on better with the important work they are doing.

It makes you feel good to be able to help a little bit in a crisis. We all need to stick together, also it’s helped me with my depression and anxiety as I’ve had something to focus on.

I’ve donated 687 extenders to Coronavirus wards, A&E at Pinderfields Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospice, Ash Grove Surgery, directly to care workers and even to a chip shop!