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NOVA Wakefield

At the beginning of the Coronavirus outbreak, Nova Wakefield District was involved in establishing the Covid-19 Community Hubs.

The Community Hubs were set up jointly between Nova, Wakefield Council, and Community Anchors/Community Organisations throughout Wakefield District.

The Community Hubs offer vital support to the vulnerable and isolated people throughout Wakefield District. Some examples of how the Community Hubs provide support are: delivering food parcels, delivering hot meals, befriending phone calls, and delivering medication and prescriptions.

Throughout the pandemic, there has been an average of 230 volunteers providing support each week through the Community Hubs.

In order to support the Community Hubs, Nova facilitates Peer Support meetings. These virtual weekly meetings enabled the Hubs to update us on problems and scenarios - it quickly became a mutual support group with Nova acting as the conduit of information.

We quickly identified that there was a higher need for food parcels than the Council had anticipated and planned for. Many of the Community Hubs then became food banks, they mobilised and responded quickly. Nova assisted this adaptation to the Hub role by helping with access to grants such as the National Emergency Trust Fund and provided other procedural advice and assistance, for example how to mobilise volunteers and keep them safe.

Nova has set up online information sessions to talk through scenarios and educate both Community Hubs and other Nova Members.

Another piece of work that Nova has been involved in is assisting four Community Hubs to become Test and Trace centres; to help supplement the existing ones.

I am most proud of the community spirit shown throughout the District. The network of Community Anchors and organisations mobilised quickly and responded to the needs of the community. I am proud that Nova has been able to facilitate and assist all of the transitions, helping the Community Hubs to provide a valuable service to people.

We knew what help people needed, that we could respond to because of things like the Peer Support meetings. By creating a mutual support system, we were able to pass information quickly and easily, both ways. The Nova E-Bulletins to member organisations became weekly, instead of monthly to distribute the news, support and funding opportunities in a timely fashion, as things were developing and being announced at a fast pace.

Nova is going to continue to provide the support that we have been providing, going forward. We don’t have an end point. We will help the Community Hubs and organisations to adapt and carry on being centres. We are re-active; we respond to the things that the Community Hubs need assistance with. We will continue to act as the go-between and relay needs.

The work that has been undertaken during the pandemic has cultivated a better relationship with the voluntary sector and enhanced trust. The data that we have collected shows that the voluntary and community sector can be trusted and can deliver. We have represented the sector at Gold Command meetings, which enabled us to be the voice - I believe this has raised the profile of the voluntary and community sector.

Julie Baker

Nova have been coordinating the Community Hub Network and gathering information on response to local need from across the District. Below is a timeline showing statistics from that information.

1st May 2020

2,190 Referrals
421 Shopping deliveries
173 Prescriptions and medication delivered
79 Instances of befriending
1,362 Food parcels delivered
418 Hot meals provided
202 Volunteers providing support each week

8th May 2020

4,257 Referrals
683 Shopping deliveries
274 Prescriptions and medication delivered
195 Instances of befriending
2,356 Food parcels delivered
874 Hot meals provided
216 Volunteers providing support each week

17th May 2020

5019 Referrals
831 Shopping deliveries
302 Prescriptions and medication delivered
311 Instances of befriending
2,611 Food parcels delivered
1,126 Hot meals provided
218 Volunteers providing support each week

31st May 2020

6,569 Referrals
1,063 Shopping deliveries
369 Prescriptions and medication delivered
536 Instances of befriending
3,285 Food parcels delivered
1,560 Hot meals provided
233 Volunteers providing support each week

7th June 2020

7,259 Referrals

1,137 Shopping Deliveries

386 Prescriptions and medication delivered

608 Instances of befriending

3,472 Food parcels delivered

1,788 Hot meals provided

230 Volunteers providing support each week

12th June 2020

8,043 Referrals
1,190 Shopping deliveries
419 Prescriptions and medication delivered
634 Instances of befriending
3,979 Food parcels delivered
Hot meals provided
231 Volunteers providing support each week

19th June 2020

8,737 Referrals
1,228 Shopping deliveries
436 Prescriptions and medication delivered
699 Instances of befriending
4,196 Food parcels delivered
2,569 Hot meals provided
229 Volunteers providing support each week

27th June 2020

9,657 Referrals
1,285 Shopping deliveries
467 Prescriptions and medication delivered
756 Instances of befriending
4,692 Food parcels delivered
2,800 Hot meals provided
231 Volunteers providing support each week

17th July 2020

11,364 Referrals
1,506 Shopping deliveries
554 Prescriptions and medication delivered
930 Instances of befriending
5,637 Food parcels delivered
3,117 Hot meals provided
226 Volunteers providing support each week

28th August 2020

14,171 Referrals
1,655 Shopping deliveries
7,798 Food parcels delivered
608 Prescriptions & medications delivered
3,241 Hot meals provided
1,161 Instances of befriending
207 volunteers providing support each week