Pontefract Murals

Pontefract Murals

Rachel List

I’m a self-employed mural artist from Pontefract and decided to start painting pictures on businesses throughout Pontefract as a way to say thank you to NHS workers for saving lives during the Coronavirus pandemic- with messages such as “stay safe” and “we’re all in this together”.

I started doing it as part of my daily exercise, early in the morning- so there was no risk of crowds gathering, as most of these places are close to my house. It is important to give thanks to those that have worked throughout the pandemic. The first pub was looking for a banner of some sort to thank the NHS and key workers, but I thought I could add something a bit more permanent. I thought, if I don’t do it, no-one else will. They wanted the NHS logo with a Superman on. It went completely viral and people even thought it was Banksy!

I was purposefully vague about when I could do the murals, so that people didn’t find out and gather- which would have been difficult with social distancing etc. I wanted to see how long it would take for them to start appearing on social media, I’m known throughout the area as an artist and some people said they knew it was me straight away!

 After this, I got an influx of messages, of people offering me their walls. I got a bit of a list of places to do. Most of the murals are done on local businesses that are currently closed due to covid-19, I want them all to thrive again when this is over. I want this to paint a good light on Pontefract. I wanted this to be a bit of fun and get people talking, but I never expected this reaction!