Re-usable Dish Cloths

Re-usable Dish Cloths

Charlotte E

I was still working during Lockdown, but on my days off I had a lot more time on my hands. I have knitted and crocheted in my spare time for years now, I normally make things like blankets and scarves, but I decided to do something good for the planet and started making re-usable dishcloths.

I’m a really crafty person and I’m always on Pinterest; I’d seen that they were environmentally friendly alternatives to disposable scourers etc- so now seemed to be the perfect time to relax and make a bunch. I made a few for myself and started giving them out to people that I know, I’m a big believer that small changes all add up.

I’ve found it rewarding just knowing that I’m contributing to change. All the news about the state of disrepair that our planet is in terrifies me, so all the little things really do matter. It’s rewarding that people are using them and I shall continue to make them and give them out where I can.

My views on the environment didn’t really change during Lockdown, they kind of just enhanced. I saw that the world was starting to heal itself and knew that we couldn’t go back to how things used to be. We kept hearing stories of how the canals in Venice were cleaning themselves and wildlife was taking over cities, it was really nice to see and I think this pandemic should teach us all that we can’t  continue on the dangerous path that we are on with climate change.

We can make a change as a collective, even things like swapping disposable dish cloths and scourers to something that is re-usable is a small change that can make a difference. I think we need to move on from this disposable mentality and realise that we can re-use and repurpose things just as easily as going to the shops and purchasing them!