The Resource Food Bank

As a food bank we have been providing food parcels to the local community for the past 20 years.

In response to Covid-19 we have had to set up a delivery system for the food parcels rather than clients coming to collect. We have also had to completely alter the way that our teams of volunteers operate.

We are most proud of being able to provide all our families with fresh meats, dairy products, bread, fruits and vegetables. The community have been brilliant in providing financial and food donations to enable us to do this.

We know what help people need because we are a referral food bank and work alongside agencies and groups who are already working with the people they send to us. As a food bank we are also part of the local network of food banks run by the council which helps to keep us in touch with the various situations being faced on an area level.

We intend to build on what we have learnt during the coronavirus pandemic by adapting the food parcels to the needs that we have come across, as basic standard food bank parcels won’t be helpful in some situations. We have Single Packs/ Hotel Packs/ Kettle Packs/ Parent and Child Packs/ Family Packs.

Marie Moore
Resource Co-Manager