Save water

Save water 


Pledge to save water in and around your home.

Billions of people Worldwide are lacking access to safe, clean water. There are water scarcities and shortages in many regions throughout the World. This is down to several reasons: climate change, increased pollution and increased demand and overuse by humans.

Some simple ways to cut down your household water usage may include:

- Taking fewer baths or shorter showers. Yorkshire water have created a playlist of four-minute songs to help time your shower.
- Fitting a flush saver in your toilet could save 1.2 Litres of water with every flush.
- Turn the taps off while brushing your teeth.
- Putting a full load in your washing machine and using eco settings.
- Boil the amount of water you need in the kettle; saving water and energy.
- If you use a dishwasher, why not swap to washing up in your sink a few times a week.
- Invest in a garden water butt or even make your own, to collect rainwater to water your garden or house plants.

Yorkshire water offer free water-saving products to help you out with some of these pledges.