Senior Citizens Support Group, Horbury

Senior Citizens Support Group, Horbury

While we have lockdown, it is the social isolation that has taken its toll not just mental side but mobility as well.

In an effort to overcome this we did some work to put a number of online fitness sessions out there with professional instructors and set up a secure group log on to follow instructions.

When the session was over a video would be left on the site for them to access at their leisure for extra sessions. These have been very well received and we hope to continue to at least end of year. We follow up on the online success with newsletter bulletins keeping them informed of what is going on and any particular highlights and celebrations.

I am most proud of the number of volunteers who came forward to support the Hub and the age group mostly 25 to 30-year olds, who had been furloughed from work and wanted to put something back into the community. Most of our support group are in the over 70 categories so are classed as vulnerable, so local shops raised their game and offered processes whereby we could facilitate shop/pay/ deliver without having to join a backlog of queues. Some volunteers have enjoyed it so much that they expressed a wish to continue in whatever support they can give.

We have a team of volunteers who tele-friend call all our members as this is the most proven way to find our exactly what the needs and requests are. From these calls all sorts of requests emerge; not just shopping collections or prescriptions but we have done NOTED birthday celebrations, chiropodist visits, GP visit or triage over phone and even hearing aid battery replacements.

Alan Hudders
Chair of Trustees