Soups From Scraps

Soups From Scraps

Monica Hill

I decided to try out some zero waste strategies for the home and look for inventive ways to use my leftovers. One of the things I have started making is soup from my leftover vegetables. Which is great because I can freeze them and they last for weeks! It means that I’m not wasting food and eating healthier all in one.

At the start of the pandemic when people began stockpiling, it made me question how much food I actually have to buy and how I can make use of what I have in the house.

It’s rewarding for many reasons, not only am I saving money (one soup can make four lunches!) but I’m also not adding waste to landfill, developing a passion for cooking/ new recipes and eating healthier.

My views on the environment did change during the coronavirus pandemic as I was shocked to see how such a small amount of time can have such an impact on the planet and how we should continue to make changes to help the environment after the pandemic.

We can learn that we can all make some small changes for a bigger contribution. Sometimes, with climate change it’s hard to see how we can individually make a change, but we can definitely all do our bit.