Upcycling Old Furniture

Upcycling Old Furniture

Maddie Prew

I moved into my new house just before the start of the Coronavirus pandemic and decided to upcycle furniture instead of buying new. My latest project is a set of small nesting tables; I already had spray paint in my garage and wall paper samples left over from previous decorating, so the whole project was free and used up many ‘back of the cupboard’ items.

I already had enough furniture for my house and it felt wasteful to tip it because it no longer fit with the theme of my new home.

There is a big sense of achievement when you produce something nice that you’ve done yourself, it has helped to make my house feel more homely. I started upcycling during the first Lockdown period when no shops were open and it made me realise just how quick we are to buy new, when we really don’t need to. When shops re-opened I continued my upcycling projects because I enjoy it and there are so many environmental benefits.

We can all learn that we don’t always need to buy things new and contribute to waste and pollution of the planet. I have learnt that with a bit of work and a crafty afternoon, we have hidden treasures in our homes already!