Virtual Choir

Virtual Choir

David Hoyle

I'm a member of Rock Choir Wakefield. When lockdown happened our choirs went into virtual mode, but I wanted our choir members to remember how good we sounded when we sing together, so we look forward to getting back together even more when lockdown eases enough for choir to meet again.

A few weeks after lockdown started I got notice that, due to having cancer a couple of years ago I was put in the shielded category for particularly vulnerable people. As a life long gigging musician, currently with Wakefield based bands, The Welsh T Band and The Roosters, creating the backing tracks for our videos kept up my musicianship skills.

Singing is well documented to be good for health. It’s good for the soul though too. I purposefully pick songs for my Lockdown Lounge Katz video project that have pertinence to the current system, that have a good message.

In the early days of lockdown I picked up that people were missing the chance to hug loved ones, or to meet a newborn member of the family, or visit friends and relations. Everyone had someone who they wanted say ‘How Long Will I Love You’ to, so we recorded a cover of the Waterboys track.

The second video project, Bill Withers ‘Lean On Me’ was a perfect illustration of the support the choir members give each other.

And it also marked Bill Withers’ death just a few days earlier.

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