Wakefield District City of Sanctuary

Wakefield District City of Sanctuary

During the lockdown we have continued to run the Clothing Store and developed a mini food bank which provides for the destitute asylum seekers connected to the Asylum Seekers Support Fund.

We also offer support to the dispersed asylum seekers and struggling refugees. The Clothing Store has had funding and has supplied the initial accommodation with essential new clothing. We also received funding to buy play equipment and develop a sensory garden at Urban House. We have responded to the known practical need of people trapped in an asylum process which does not offer people in initial accommodation any benefits and only provides people in dispersed accommodation with just over £5 a day. This amount is inadequate; all people in the asylum process are not permitted to have bank accounts and have not been able to buy online.

People in the initial accommodation have been enjoying donated wool and other supplies. There have been donations from Knitters of Sanctuary who have donated Welcome to the World baby layettes and blankets, knitters have also dressed dollies and made spare clothing and other toys. Members of the Creative Craft group have made picnic mats and beautiful play mats for babies. Generally, people have donated games and all manner of activities.

It has been a non-stop lockdown with the grassroots members constantly offering support and gifts of friendship.

Linda Fielding