Old Quarry Adventure Playground

Old Quarry Adventure Playground

The Old Quarry Adventure Playground is a free open access play facility for children and young people from ages 5 - 16 from Knottingley and the surrounding areas.  

Due to Covid-19 we’ve had to radically change what we are doing to support the local community. The playground is closed and we are working more remotely.

To date (6th May 2020) we have sorted food parcels to over 180 families, 100 food parcels to the elderly, ‘Boredom Buster’ challenges on social media, 85 Play packs filled with goodies suited to each child, Play packs for the elderly filled with lavender bags, crosswords, soaps, books.

We delivered 150 Easter eggs for each child at Easer delivered to step.

We have worked with local business and organisations for example Morrisons who have kindly donated the food parcels and Kellingley Community Hub, the Fire Service team who delivered the food parcels, our local PCSOS who delivered bags to the elderly.

We are keeping in contact with phone calls to 100 families and children per week, 25 calls to the elderly each week supporting, directing to services, and providing care. We have an amazing support telephone service. Staff call every week; the kids love speaking to staff and parents answer the calls because of the great relationship we have. We are the only contact some of our elderly and families have all week.

We are feeling the benefits of the years we have spent nurturing partners in our long-rooted work. It feels like one amazing team effort regardless of positions, equal and willing - to serve its local community, strong and courageous.

Holly Ellis