Young People’s Empowerment Project

Young People’s Empowerment Project

Normally, we organise and run a local youth club every week; where young people can make crafts, and paint etc, we did not want this to stop due to Covid-19. 

We applied for grants and the initial week we only had the 29 young people usually registered at the youth club; this rose quickly to over 100 in the following week. We now send out activity bags to over 400 young people in the local area.  The activity bags include pieces of fruit, crisps, a small bag of sweets, a selection of quizzes, drawings, crafts, pencils, paints, and British Sign Language learning information. These show signs for family, greetings, weather, days, etc.

We know what help people need that we can respond to because each activity bag includes a feedback form every week.  We also ask for feedback on social media platforms.

I am most proud of including the whole community; young people enjoy what they are doing each week and look forward to receiving their activity bags weekly.  Creating a volunteer community who have willingly turned up each week- giving a full day of their time up and using their own vehicle and petrol to deliver the bags.

We intend to build on what we have learnt during Covid-19 and we are hoping to expand with further grants and possibly join with other charitable organisations to build on this, delivering during the school holidays with activities and food for families.

Sanelisiwi Ncube